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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mr. Charming #22 (aka Yoga Man)

Tonight I finally met the mysterious yoga master we previously discussed. I had absolutely no expectations going into this date. Actually, I knew it would go well but was pretty sure that things weren’t really going to work out between us so I wasn’t incredibly worried about it. I also knew that it had to be better than last week’s over-the-top Latin lover. He does yoga, what’s not to love about that right? Anyway, he lives kind of far from me so we arranged to meet at a delicious restaurant in the middle…his choice. I had only been there once but have wanted to go back ever since so I was delighted at his decision. It’s somewhat of a little treasure here in the valley. The place is called, “Citrus Grill,” and so far their food has not disappointed these taste buds! 

Okay so here we are, the night that was pre-arranged. First of all, let me tell you how this came about. He said he was going to take me to dinner a couple of weeks ago. I hear from him sporadically and that is fine. At some point last week I was about to give up because he hadn’t actually set up a time yet he was still looking at my online profile. I was a little frustrated but still, decided to text him in a cute way to see what was up. I said, “Are you just gonna keep checking out my profile, or will I actually see you in the flesh one of these days. ;)” It seemed to go over well and he said, “Maybe a little bit of both.” So then we chatted a bit and we set up our date for tonight. He texted me earlier today to make sure I was still on board. Yes, I was a little bold…but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do and I figured if it turned out poorly…what would I lose? I’m glad I did it.

Just before I arrived at our destination, he texted to tell me he was there, where he was sitting, and that he was wearing a gray beanie. I arrived shortly thereafter and he stood to give me a hug as we met. And….he was cute!! His smile made me smile…and we did a lot of that. It was so incredibly refreshing after last week’s incident. I almost forgot about that actually. We talked, we ate, we laughed, we had a good time. It wasn’t just all about, “what do you do? Cool, what do you do?” “What’s your favorite color?” Honestly I don’t ever care what someone’s favorite color is. It’s refreshing to have a date where you find out that stuff but you also share fun stories and you laugh. 

Now, I have a confession to make. I am not super proud so don’t judge me. It’s kind of against the rules to talk about other guys and stuff while on a date. BUT…he asked me if I had to work tomorrow. I told him I was supposed to and he caught on to the fact that I had a planned ditch day! I somehow felt the need to explain myself and may have told him about Mr. Latin Lover. Don’t judge me okay! Things just happen sometimes! Anyway, he laughed and gave me some suggestions. I LOVE that guy’s suggestions are SOO different from girl’s suggestions. His is way different from yours, haha. He said I should tell the guy I am a hoarder. He told me to watch a few episodes of “the hoarder” and familiarize myself with their lingo and then drop it on him. Silly guy! I like it though. He is just fun.

Speaking of fun…fun is what he does. He owns an outdoor shop, snow boards, fishes, does some other stuff. It sounds like he really enjoys living and makes the most of it. I like that. He also seems like a good guy…active in church…but also human. I don’t know, I just felt very comfortable with this beanie bearing charmer. He made me smile. Outside he walked me to my car and said he didn’t want any crazy Latino men to get me or something like that. My car was actually right outside the door though. He hugged me, thanked me, and said that he will check his schedule for next week and find a time that we can go out again. He said we can go to dinner AND do something else! 

When I got home I texted him and told him thanks again for dinner and that it was fun to meet him. He also had not shaved before our date but I thought he looked good. Anyway, that came up in one of our conversations so I might have also said, “I’m glad you didn’t shave, you wear your facial hair like a champion, haha. :)” I know…I am a DORK!! I told him I was excited to hang out again soon. He replied that it was nice to meet me too and that maybe next time he would be clean shaven. I said, “Haha well either way I thought you looked good.” I also wished him a great night. Then HE said, “That’s very nice of you to say. You looked cute too. Have a good night. Sweet dreams.” Aww, how cute is that? I know that having come from #21 I would have thought it was creepy but it totally made my night with this guy! Cheesy of me to share that whole conversation but I thought you might like it…cause I do. 

I am excited to see where this goes. And I’m excited to see where the other men go too. Speaking of other men, I swear, when it rains, it really does pour! What is the deal? I can’t keep them away it seems. At church on Sunday they guy whose house I went to play games a couple of months ago sat by me. He pretty much talked to me throughout the entire meeting. I know that doesn’t mean much, I just kind of wonder if he might be a little bit interested. It seems like it.

 Tonight a guy friend of mine texted me. I have sort of been his “dating mentor” these last couple of weeks. He comes to me with questions. He is dating a girl a little which is a small miracle because he NEVER dates or cares to really get out of the house. Anyway, he confessed to me at some point that he would date me but that he is not my type. Wow. Way to drop that on me friend. Anyway, I skirted around that nicely and we all left the conversation happy. Another friend called me today and does so frequently. I and some of our other associates can’t help but also wonder about his motives toward me. I’m not trying to say that the whole world is in love with me….it's just that a few guys are acting kind of suspiciously that way. That said, I have a few other guy friends that I suspect nothing of the sort from. We are friends and happy to just remain so. And that concludes my tale for tonight. Peace out-


Anonymous said...

WOW! What a breath of fresh air after last weeks events that lead to your being somewhat racist.

Growing Up Skye said...

He sounds awesome! I like him already! I hope you get to see him again. I'm routing for him!

Growing Up Skye said...

P.S. I've been to Citris Grill too! It it way good!