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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Manly Hands

And the winner is…the anonymous cheater!! Haha…I’m pretty sure someone told you I was going out with Mr. Manly the Pilot, D. But either way, I decided that the prize is the creepy doll I made for my grandma when I was young and recently re-inherited upon her death a couple of weeks ago. :) 

So yes my friends, the date was actually with the pilot for round three. One thing I like about him is that he is always a man with a plan. We are both into astronomy so, since he recently acquired a sweet new telescope, he invited me out to dinner and a star party/date which he called, a star date. Anyway, I was pretty excited about this one because being under the night sky is always an amazing experience but with a man…very romantic! 

As we approached the big day, the weather outlook wasn’t looking too bright. He informed me that he had a contingency plan if it was cloudy. What? A man with a back-up plan too? Love it! I had an idea what that plan might be but I thought I’d wait and see if he wanted to tell me. I think he wanted to surprise me. He picked me up close to on time and we headed out on our adventure. He took me in the direction of down town and I knew that my suspicions had to be correct. And correct they were. We went to the Clark Planetarium and therefore I have come full circle in this dating experiment. If you will recall, that is where I took date #1 a couple of years ago. I took him because I love astronomy. This time, it was mutual. We had fun looking around for awhile and then saw a show called, “The Violent Universe.” Oh my goodness, if you have not been to see a show there, I’m telling you, you must! The theater is sooo amazing! It was such a cool show! And completely different from the laser show I saw there before. It was awesome!

During the show I was really hoping he would hold my hand… but he didn’t. It was awkward in there with the arm rests and junk. He leaned in my direction but it just wasn’t happening. I was kind of disappointed. But, it eventually ended and we had to go. We set out in search of food! He took me to this AMAZING waffle place downtown. I don’t know what it was called I just know that it was delicious! It was a tiny place but so good! We ate quickly and that was that. It was early and he didn’t have anything else planned. So, he didn’t know what else to do but take me home. I wanted to hang out with him some more so I invited him to hang out at my house for a bit. I offered up my Netflix and everything. He immediately accepted but said he wouldn’t stay late because I had to get up for work and he needed to get into a better sleep schedule. I wasn’t sure what to think of that but was just excited that he was coming over.

At my house, I struggled a bit getting the Netflix to work so we chose a movie from my collection and put it in. We sat really close and not long in, our hands were so, so close and finally they made their way into each other. I think it was kind of both of us at the same time but I’m not sure. Once that barrier was crossed, I felt a lot better and didn’t really have any boundaries. I mean that appropriately though! I get nervous at first because I don’t want to be the first one to initiate contact but I don’t have a problem with contact after that at all. So, I won’t say much but it was a great night. We watched that movie, then a LONG episode of Star Trek on Netflix, then a couple of episodes of The Office. Then we turned off the t.v. and just cuddled for a good long, long while. It was great. We talked a little…sometimes more than others. 

I don’t know how to say this but basically, it was different in a good way and so nice. I really felt that he wanted to be with me. I felt safe in his arms…which is just what I have really wanted for so, so long. He also told me I was a good cuddler which made me smile, haha. Anyway, I just felt respect, equal, and valued which I can’t say was the case last time I dated a guy. Then, when we finally said goodbye…at a ridiculously late hour…he gave me the best, nice long hug! And then about 4 more of those before he actually left. There was a moment when he was walking down my front steps when he turned and looked back at me and we just smiled at each other and said goodbye again. Ahh…it was nice! Good date. Good guy! He already checked on me today to see how I was doing with almost no sleep! I’m happy.


Anonymous said...

So happy you're happy. When will I be receiving my doll prize? I hope soon. jk. Why don't you keep that doll to show your kids what an awesome, crafty lady you are. I know they will enjoy cuddling with it as much as you enjoyed cuddling with Mr. Manly Pilot.

Shanny said...

I love it! Sounds like the perfect date!

Growing Up Skye said...

That is so cool! I'm glad you had a good time and I hope you get to keep seeing him!

Krissa said...

OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! AHHH!!!
if you could only see my face while I was reading this... YAY!!!!! oh that sounds amazing!!!!! what a great date!!! OMG!!!!! hugest smile on my face either... YAY!!!