People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Search Continues

In some ways, it’s my favorite time of year. In many others…I really dislike it! Being more aware of things you are grateful for and spending good quality time with family is irreplaceable. At the same time, I feel like I get really lazy and very lax about my goals. As a result, I mostly feel horrible and further, I feel horrible about myself. I LOVE to bake and cook. It’s one of my favorite things. The problem: I also LOVE to eat!! This time of year is the time for baking, and cooking, and drinking hot chocolate, and sitting by the fire. All very nice things for sure; especially if you are super skinny and never have to worry about your weight. They sound lovely but when you are constantly worried that if you are even in the same room with some sugar you will gain 10 pounds, it’s very stressful! So basically I’m trying to enjoy the good things about this time of year, but I’m also fighting hard to be who I want to be and stay on the course I want to be on.

About that course, let’s begin with an update on the men, shall we? Remember the guy who asked me out over facebook? The one who is mentally challenged in some way? Well, just the other morning I woke up and checked my email first thing. There I found a note from Mr. Facebook himself. He apologized about our date (I guess for not having taken me on one) and said that he forgot about our ages, and he is 21 and he thought that I was 32 so, “maybe we can just be friends.” Haha, so…rejected! That is quite alright though, even if it is still a slight sting just because he had to go and bring up my age…well, almost my age. I am not 32 yet…I still have a good 10 months, well 9 and some change, until that rolls around. It does make me wonder who told him how old I am though. There were only a very few people (about 3) that knew about our little chat. Hmmmm.

So, since I now have zero prospects for #13 again, I bet you are wondering how I am spending my Friday night. Well, I am sitting on my bed, composing another fabulous blog post while watching chick flicks by myself. How lame!! I told you, it’s not the best time of year for me. On top of that Thanksgiving was yesterday which of course never makes one feel good about themselves and today, while I started off really good, turned into another diet disaster since I was baking all day. Tomorrow is our annual family Christmas party for my mom’s side and we are in charge of the dessert. So, I made some delicious cookies and I tried a new recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake. Now, I’m ready to have the whole thing over with just so I can have a new, fresh beginning again where I eat healthy and feel good about myself! But I am grateful that I could get a little baking in, it was fun!

The next question I guess, is where do I go from here? So, since I haven’t received a whole lot of input from you, and there are a lot of new people as well as quiet followers who don’t comment, now is your chance to speak up. Do you have any ideas for me to find new dating prospects? Any ideas for fun adventures that I should embark upon? Any ways for me to enjoy Winter when I really just want to survive it? I suppose I should end my hiatus from expertly advice and large crowds of single people, young and old for starters, and venture out. Sometimes it is so hard to find balance though. Too much of anything is unhealthy and that is my own expertly advice. Okay so what are your ideas?? Bring em on and I will do my best to try them out!

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Anonymous said...

Hi again, Ive commented before, but I totally relate to you. As the new year once again approaches I find myself at a total crossroads. I am nowhere near where I thought Id be at (just turned) 27. I graduated law school and passed the bar but I have a job where I get paid very little for what i do and see no growth in, and i have a string of failed short-term relationships behind me (and many bad dates haha), and am currently in a dating dry spell. And I also moved back home with the rents (who are great though) bc i felt i was wasting on paying rent when i could save for a house. I just feel so unsettled right now, and worry about the future. I feel like Ive got a friend in Utah though! (Im all the way in New York, upstate, sucks being single here too) I was thinking of trying match or eharmony but honestly, I am so unsettled in my career/living situation that I feel it is not the time to seek out a mate. If it happens, it happens, I guess, although it hasnt yet! I do have this one friend, 32, who lives with her parents, unemployed currently, and who met this great guy without even looking. grrr. (although i am happy for her)