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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Three Men...One Night

This is a little late coming but I have been (and still am) out of town. Before I left however, I tried to squeeze in as much experience with the opposite sex as possible. Okay, nothing of significance happened but I tried…kind of. Tuesday night I was getting ready for institute when I decided to take a little break and get on the computer…my favorite past time. Anyway, I checked my email and found one from a guy friend who happened to still be online. We chatted for a bit as he sent me some sweet tunes that I listened to and let him know my opinion. While talking to him, another guy called me on the phone. He wanted to go hiking with me soon but since I was headed out of town for a few weeks, I had to turn him down until I return. That’s okay though; he’s a friend and understands.

Finally, I had to head out to institute for my last time (at least for now). It’s a sad day for me to be done but the class was one of the best so it was a good way to go out. On top of that Mr. interesting showed up. I could not find it in me to make any forward progress with him though. I don’t know what it was, I guess despite his good lucks and seeming nice personality, I just wasn’t feeling it in some way. That’s not to say that I am not interested in him or that I wouldn’t go out with him, I just didn’t feel good about trying to slip him my number, ya know? After class he walked by me and said hi to me using my name, but that was that. He is always quick to leave. He probably didn’t know it was my last class. Oh well, I guess if he asks, my friends will give him my number next time.

So, now I am in Iowa…far away from any possibilities for future dates. I am however, hanging out with some cute little men….fun nephews. I’m also hanging out with my cute nieces. They are so much fun! It’s nice to get some kid time in for awhile. They say the funniest things and are just so excited to see me…I love it! I guess when I go to the Nauvoo pageant this week I will keep my eyes open for any hot visitors from Utah. You never know where you are going to find possibilities right? Later this week I will be back on the road for more fun adventures without extended family, to explore the South. I’ll keep you posted!

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Emilie said...

Three guys--wow! That's gotta count for something! Hope you have a wonderful time on your travels. And I take it that you made through Wyoming! ( I thought they would have shut down that state by now?!)