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Saturday, July 3, 2010

This Week

Yes, I’m still here. I didn’t run off and elope, leaving this project behind. Nor did I do anything else extreme really; it’s just been a really busy week! While busy, it was still semi-productive in my dating/relationship growth. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s all about the baby steps. Just keep in mind that, one small step for some is a giant leap for me. So, let’s talk about this week in men. It’s really been all about approaching and being approached, and slipping in the little techniques that the dating coach suggests, as well as the tips that I’ve learned from all of the other experts and advice from my guy friends.

Shall we start with Sunday? Sunday was a fairly significant day for me. It’s not that I found any future potentials or anything, just made progress. So, Sunday was the first day of my new ward at church. By new, I mean that they combined my tiny little single’s branch with another stake, thus making it a ward. For some silly reason, I was extremely apprehensive about this little change. I thought for sure that everyone would see that I was much older and would surely shun me and run me out of the building. That and of course my friends from the old branch would not be friends with me anymore either because of course, there would be much more interesting people in the new ward to hang out with.

Well, for starters, the ward turned out okay. I’m a big fan of the new bishop who is from my current stake. Also, while there were many 18 year olds present, I don’t think any of them new my big, dark secret…please don’t tell them okay? Lastly, my friends were still my friends. In fact, I was happy to see that several of our branch members still stuck together, while trying to also meet some new people. It was a relief! Also, a group of us planned some upcoming outdoor adventures together which made me feel a little more confident in their willingness to still hang out with me and each other.
(Here's where we went today)

The truly amazing part of the day however, was that I was finally approached by a guy. Now, this may not count altogether because I met him once before and I’m pretty positive he’s not out to date me. He’s a pretty social guy and quite friendly. Still, I felt pretty good about the fact that he sought me out and took the time to talk to me for a few minutes. He was very complimentary of me and my life’s pursuits. Plus, he’s older, taller, and bigger than me which made me feel fabulous standing next to him! Haha. Anyway, it was a lovely little baby step because I sometimes am sooo sick of doing the approaching. It’s nice when a guy can step up and be a man and make me feel somewhat valued in the process.

On that note, Tuesday night was institute. Did I mention last week that we had a new hottie in the class? He was tall, dark and handsome, that’s for sure. Due to circumstances that couldn’t be changed last week, it was almost impossible to speak to him without it being ridiculously awkward. Things worked out in my favor this week however, and when my friend and I arrived, he was sitting alone. I boldly walked up to the seat next to him, inquired as to whether or not it was taken, and took my place right next to him. We chatted it up before class, getting all of the basic “get-to-know you” information out of the way. I have to say, he wasn’t the best conversationalist right off, but during class he certainly contributed some interesting and valuable comments. Impressive.

While I wasn’t sure how I felt about this meeting by the end of class, I knew that I still needed practice. So, I took half of the dating coach’s advice and as we stood, I touched his arm (seriously huge for me, you have no idea!!) and told him it was nice to meet him. I also asked if I would see him next week and then we parted. I’m not sure if we have much in common but I would definitely go out with the guy and see what lies underneath his somewhat reserved outer layers. I’m intrigued…we’ll see what happens.

The rest of the week was a blur really. I had concerts, saw Eclipse, still haven’t finished the Bachelorette (but I’m about to), went to Lagoon, hiked, worked out, and didn’t get enough sleep! What a week! Today however, I made another giant leap for mankind; or for myself anyway. Yes today, despite the fact that I went hiking with some guy friends this morning, I decided to go workout at the gym after a little nap.

As I was en route to the locker room, just after I finished my upper body circuit, I passed this big old muscle man. He was youngish and good looking…except for his humongous muscles. He gave me a big old smile and said hi. While I am normally very on guard at the gym, I returned the big smile and I think it even came out in my eyes. Wow, a guy at the gym smiled at me! I always feel so self conscious there. I try not to look at people too much but lately it has been my goal to appear more approachable there. In fact, my guy friend who works out there has challenged me to ask a guy to spot me while doing some bench presses. I don’t normally do those but I said I would. I think this totally counts as a step in the right direction though.

Then not longer after, while I was completing my cardio portion of the workout, this guy who works there came up to give some new people a tour. He smiled at me too. He looked right at me and while he might be paid to do so, he gave me what seemed like a really genuine smile that lasted longer than the normal smile and glance hello in my direction. I was feeling pretty good about myself after that and now I’m ready to conquer once again. I may have another set up coming up soon so stay tuned for that. And don’t mind the fact that the year is half over now while I am not even a fourth of the way to my goal. Ugh…I hate this weird limbo I’ve been feeling lately. I just need to date though. I don’t care so much right now about who they are, I need practice so bring ‘em on!

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