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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If You Build it He Will Come...

Have you ever read the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books? What about, “The Secret?” Quite some time ago, I was very entertained by the heart-warming stories of hope and miraculous promise found in the pages of the “Chicken Soup” books. I like to read and will read most things I get my hands on. I believe it was within these pages that a girl described the fulfillment of her life’s dreams. For some reason, she made a collage of all the things she had hoped to accomplish within maybe the next five or ten years of her life. I’m not sure that I have the details in any way correct here, so don’t quote me. All I know is that everything came together for her shortly after. She received all that she had desired from her collage of hopes.

This is similar to what is preached in “The Secret.” This book is all about positive thinking to change your circumstances to what you want them to be. Before I go further however, let me tell you that I believe in the powers of positive thinking, but I also think that this book goes too far with some of its ideas. Why do I think this way? Well, I also believe in God and I believe that He has a plan for me and sometimes that plan includes trials and learning experiences that make me who I am…a better and stronger person.

Anyway, enough of the disclaimer. The book has the overall message that what you truly believe you will receive, you will receive. If you think positively, you will achieve positive results. Jon Gabriel thinks along the same lines with his weight loss methods and I truly believe that this is something that has helped me to reach my goals in that area. I’m not going to go on about my weight loss right now however, let’s talk about getting married! The above mentioned books, as well as “The Field of Dreams,” all imply that if I think positively in favor of marriage for myself, that it will happen. If I live my life as if it were going to happen to me, it will.

Again, I know that it will happen when it is the right time for me. Only God knows when that is. At the same time, I want to be as ready as possible when the time comes. This is part of the reason for the many things I have done to improve my dating skills and to put myself out there. As I have lately analyzed my readiness however, I am quite troubled by where I am at in life. It would be extremely difficult for me to get married any time soon. While I have tried to live a responsible life, I think that financially, I am just not there. If I want God to bless me, I need to be there. Before you go thinking that I am way in over my head in debt, don’t. I am doing okay but I don’t have the funds to put on a wedding and start a marriage. So, I decided that for my next goal, I DO need to think like I am getting married and start saving up the money and looking at the kinds of things I want for a wedding, and how I want to start off my married life.

Somewhere over the last ten years I gave up any dreams of a wedding that may have formed in my teenage mind. I noticed along the way that trends and styles changed frequently and that what I used to want, wasn’t what I wanted at all. I decided that it was better not to dream up my wedding until reality said that I would actually have one. I’d given up hope of that I guess though. It’s hard to actually see myself married; to actually imagine that this could possibly happen to ME. The older I get, the harder it is to imagine. But, I need to. I need to prepare for it as if it were going to happen, then when it does, I will be ready. God will have no excuse to bless me with that unless it’s the wrong guy and the wrong time. I am determined to be ready on my part in every possible way. Besides, it’s kinda fun to dream again and to realize that it’s okay to want a wedding and a certain type of dress and to be married in a certain place, etc. I also know that this isn’t what makes a marriage and maybe that’s the difference between who I was and who I am now. I’ve evolved…hopefully in a good way.

PS…I am in Iowa, very near the field of dreams but I haven’t visited the movie sight this trip. I guess just being around all this corn inspired the title of my post! It’s true though, I am building my life in such a way that HE WILL come…when the time is right!!

(This was a few years ago at The Field of Dreams...I was praising the corn gods apparently!)


Growing Up Skye said...

Good post! Keep thinking positively!

Livin it up said...

Thanks Tacy...I think I will! I'm in Nashville now!!!