People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rockin The Skinny Jeans

First of all, I’ve never really been a fan of skinny jeans. Secondly, I thought that surely if I were a fan, they NEVER belonged on my body. I’ve been searching for some new jeans for the past several months however. This quest was almost as difficult as finding a new swim suit…or a date! Anyway, I have had my eye on a particular pair of jeans for quite some time now. Today, I finally decided would be the day to purchase this pair of jeans. I knew I would be in close proximity to the store so I made a plan to stop there on my way home. The problem: they are skinny jeans!! I know you’re wondering how I like them so much if they are indeed the incriminating type of jean that I just discriminated against above. Well, for starters, they have really cute pockets, and we all know that you start off with the pockets right? I also like the color and wash of the jean. So, I tried them on at the store, just to be sure, and decided to take my chances.

Tonight was country dancing night! My third time around and you know what they say about third times right? It’s was definitely charming. I decided to make an appearance at the class offered before the actual dance began. It was delightful as my friend forced me into dancing with a guy there who actually knew what he was doing. He was big and strong and a pretty good dancer. In fact, he was so good he flipped me right over his shoulder with ease. How fun! He had me jumping and spinning all over the place! And…the best part was that he totally complimented me. He said I was pretty good and followed really well. Yay! With that, I was ready to begin the actual dance with confidence! I danced with my instructor and soon after guys were pulling me out on the floor left and right. I’m pretty sure it was the jeans!

So, dancing was a lot of fun…for awhile….until I asked a married guy to dance. Why can’t they just dance at home?? Just kidding, it was totally awkward though. Also as a side note, skinny jeans may attract men, but they aren’t the wisest idea for dancing. Just remember that. I felt like I was having wardrobe malfunctions all over the place. I had a great time though!!

What else is new this week in men? Well, let’s just continue this week backward. Yesterday I branched out once again to the older single’s crowd. I met several mid-single’s for lunch in fact. At first I was quite worried because I was the first to show up, followed shortly by two definitely older and weirder men. The normalish people finally started to arrive however and I ended up really enjoying myself and making some new acquaintances. Dating potentials? I don’t know. I didn’t really talk much to any guys that I would date but there were a couple there that I didn’t get a chance to converse with so much that I would go out with. I will keep at this mid-single journey and see what comes of it in the future.

Now we are to Tuesday right? Remember my new institute friend? He showed up again this week. There are many entertaining stories I could tell about institute this week but let’s just focus on this guy. Hmm, I don’t know what to call him yet. Maybe Mr. Interesting? Well, I walked by him as he was seated and waiting for class. I strategically placed my hand on his arm and said hello. I called him by name and guess what…he remembered mine as well! I asked him about work and he remembered what I do for a living! Okay, good sign, he remembers me. We had a nice little chat and then I left him wanting more I’m sure by leaving the room after just a couple of minutes. Really, I needed to use the bathroom before class but it worked out nicely. Next week he is going to get my number, I know it. It’s my last week in the class because I am going on vacation for awhile.

So, good things are happening. I don’t have any dates but I have faith that they will come. I keep trying not to give up hope, and to stay out there. I AM out there.

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truth, light, and knowledge said...

Yay for Mr. Interesting! I'm glad you had fun country dancing, too. And I'm glad you're still keeping a blog. I love reading it and knowing what you are doing!