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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Surprise # 34

Remember all of my crazy fun adventures this year? I’ve met a lot of new friends and had some good times. I went to a party in St. George, one in Idaho, and one in Park City. At the last two locations, I was with some of the same people. These are friends of my visiting teacher who is a good friend. Anyway, there have been several fun guys but no potentials in my eyes. This particular group however takes many trips to Lake Powell in the summer time. I was hoping to get in enough to get invited. 

Last week one of those new guy friends emailed me on facebook. He said, “Hey kid, My buddy and I are gonna take his boat out on Friday for the first run of the season. We were thinking of cool people and your name was at the top of the list. Wanna roll, or float on Friday night?” I was like, “heck yeah I want to go!” So, I gave him my number and we worked out the details throughout the week. I was excited to hang with all my new friends again at this fun boating adventure/party. When I arrived at his house the only people there were him, his buddy, and another girl. Hmm…I thought this rather suspicious but really didn’t read too much into it. It was a nice boat with plenty of room for more though! We headed out to Jordanelle just past Park City. Just before arriving, we stopped to get some food which the boys bought for us. The friend that asked me got mine. We set out on the lake and cruised out. Ahhh…it was great to be out on the open water, the wind in my hair, with the mountains surrounding and creating quite the scene. Freedom! It was great! After cruising for a few, the boys asked if we were hungry. I was! So, we killed the engine and let the boat float while we enjoyed our Blimpie subs and chips. 

Soon after eating, I made my way out to the bow of the boat…my favorite spot. I stretched out to enjoy the beautiful sunset! It was amazing!! Mr. Surprise soon followed with a blanket and we lazily chatted and slowly watched the sun go down and the stars appear. We got along really well and he was easy to talk to. I shared my love of astronomy and we guessed what the planets and constellations were that we viewed. He checked on his high tech phone app that speaks when you point it at an object in the sky. Mine wasn’t quite as good as his. It was pretty dang sweet! 

While we chatted in the front of the boat, the other two hung back in the back and talked. They finally joined us up front and whipped out the key lime pie. It was delish! And what better place to enjoy it? We all talked and laughed till my cheeks hurt pretty bad. Nobody wanted to call it a night but alas my bladder finally couldn’t take anymore and we slowly made our way back ashore. It was after midnight before we reached the dock. It took quite some time to re-hook up and get on our way but that was fine. When we got back to the boys’ house, Mr. Surprise walked me to my car and gave me a hug. It was then that it hit me…”Was this a date????” “I think it was a date!!!” haha…silly, oblivious girl. I am pretty positive at this point that it was and I feel a little bad for my phone usage while I was out there but I didn’t know! He texted me a couple of days later to tell me he had fun and to chat it up again a little. Yikes…he is so nice and everything, I am just not interested in him that way. I’m not attracted to him. It was a great way to spend a Friday night though…that is for sure!!

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