People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I’ve always been a huge fan of roller coasters. They are always met with crazy anticipation which builds as you ascend the first big hill. More often than not the ride that follows is fast, breathtaking, and somewhat unpredictable. The enjoyment level of this adventurous activity rarely disappoints. It’s odd how when compared to life, the same excitement just doesn’t come to mind when discussing the event. No, in the rollercoaster of life, we remember the tough climbs, the ride seems slower and more laborious, and the loss of equilibrium well remembered. Yes, my life is a never ending roller coaster it seems and I’m beginning to wonder if I am so sure about my standing regarding the activity. But, those down hills are definitely fun so maybe, maybe we can deal with the climbs and semi-off balanced moments.

I bring up this particular analogy for life as mine has been somewhat off balance lately. As a result, I have failed to update you on my goals and make my own solid resolutions for the new year. Don’t get me wrong though, my life is great! It’s just that focusing on any ONE thing in too much abundance can eventually lead to those equilibrium problems mentioned above. I’ve noticed lately that I really need to get back to a more normal routine but…I’m not sure what that is anymore! What is that? And how does it involve a really awesome man?? I guess we learn as we go huh?

Things in the man department still seem to be as good as ever. I feel like I am really getting to know him and who he is. And…I like him! Yes, Mr. Keeper is still a keeper in my book but, who knows what 2011 will bring. If things don’t work out with him, I know that my dating journey will continue and I might even reach those 40 one day. But for now, in regards to dating, my goals have changed. I no longer wish to date 40 men. I know how to do a first date. I almost know how to snag a date. Flirting? Check. It’s the real meat of the relationship that now has me somewhat baffled but learning on well…an hourly basis! It’s fun but definitely HARD! I quite often feel inadequate and wonder what I am doing. Sometimes I want to back up in time and just stay complacent in those moments that were easy…where I was lonely but knew who I was as an individual and did not have to worry and wonder about what someone else thought of me. Thankfully this guy is very reassuring and kind and patient with me. Though I constantly battle with myself NOT to be needy and obnoxious that way, believe me!! Anyway, that’s where I stand date wise…I am now determined to get more actual relationship experience sooo, we will see!

Another huge goal from last year was my weight loss. I feel like I was fairly successful, losing almost 30 pounds last year! I only have a little over 10 pounds to go until I reach my goal weight! Not bad huh! I feel fabulous!! Now…I just need some money to purchase some clothing so that I can stop looking so ridiculous in my 3 sizes too big pants every day! That brings me to my next goal of 2011 which is a new one! It is the year of the money! I just paid off my car and therefore have a huge desire to get further out of debt and well on my way to a more stable financial future. If I want to move forward with my life…this is a must. I don’t want anything holding me back when the time is right!

So, as I continue my year, I have a desire to continue most of my goals from last year but in a modified way. I still want to learn as much as I can. I think that any knowledge gained is a success…so I will continue to find ways to be more well rounded. Oh…and I still want to conquer the 40 books in the Old Testament…even if I can’t date 40 men! Such a big number constantly weighing over me! Anyway, it is a good year…good things are going to happen…I can feel it!


Growing Up Skye said...

Finally!!!! I've been checking your blog like every day since your last post to see if you'd written anything new!!!! You can't keep in suspense that long! If only it weren't winter, I'd drag you out hiking so you could tell me all the details! I know I'm married, but I'm still a girl and I always loved hearing you talk about boys on our hikes! Okay, so I'm really glad you like this guy and that he's a keeper. I hope things turn out good with him. And like you said, you now know how to do first dates so at least you are learning more about getting deeper into a relationship. That is good! And I'm way impressed with your other goals and accomplishments too. You look absolutely fabulous and I'm sure Mr. Keeper knows it! You are fabulous and I hope your roller coast life has lots of fun and exciting plunges this year!

Livin it up said...

Ahaha, thanks Tacy!!! You have no idea how much I wish it WERE Summer and we were out on a hike! Ugh, I am just NOT a winter fan! So yeah, we are having a lot of fun. He came over for dinner tonight and met a lot of my family so if he still sticks around that's a good thing, right?! Haha, things seem really pretty decent for now so yeah...we need to get together for SOMETHING so I can fill ya in! And thank you for all of your compliments...they always come when they are much needed! Haha! :)