People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mr. Boring #10

Let’s start at the end. You know how I’m over 30 but my mom still tells me what to do sometimes? Today she said, “Make sure that no matter what, you try to go out with him again.” So, at the end of the date when Mr. Boring said, “Would you mind if I called you again sometime?” I replied, “yes, that would be great.” Everybody has rules and everyone knows how dating and marriage are done and apparently I don’t follow those rules because I am not married. I read the books, I tried on the advice, I met a lot of men, dated a few, and mostly...all I can say for it, is that I am sick of everyone’s rules! This is why I decided to go on a break from this project. Of course once I put that up, I had four people lining me up, two of which actually called me. Amazing I know.

So, today was the first set up of the four. Here’s how it went down. My mom has been training this lady at work. She is apparently a very nice lady and knows a single man in his 30’s. Well, he is single, my mom has a single daughter…why not?? So, I gave the okay to the mother and she passed my number along. Sunday night, just as I was about to go to bed early, the phone rang. Mr. not so interesting was on the line. Right away he gave me an out, as if I hadn’t given the okay to pass my number along in the first place. I professed to enjoy meeting new people and told him I would love to go out sometime. So, we set up a dinner appointment for Tuesday evening.

Today is Tuesday. Tuesday’s are the loooongest day in history at work! Even so, I finally made it through my work day and took a half an hour to get pretty and try to smell less like kid. I thought things turned out pretty well. I decided to sport the ever so popular skinny jeans and now firmly believe that despite what you or I may think of such apparel, they are magic. Men love skinny jeans…that’s all there is to it. So anyway, we met up in the parking lot, drove together in his truck (which wasn’t really all that impressive for a truck but hey…it was a truck!) for a whole block. I seriously thought we were going to walk and really would have preferred that method but I followed his lead and entered the truck.

We had some fine Italian food at the good old staple, Johnny Carino’s. I was really eyeing this chicken/shrimp pasta dish that looked so, so delightful. I thought it was quite expensive though. He ordered it however, so I went ahead and ordered myself up a plate as well. It was spicy and delish! Our conversation was somewhat broken and awkward at times. I was a little tired from a long day at work and honestly just not feeling it. Whoaaa…back up a second. Before I left, inside my head, I was screaming, “I don’t want to go…I don’t want to go. Don’t make me do it!” Yes I know, it strongly resembled something from the mouth of a two year old. It’s just that I am soooo tired of meeting guys. Seriously, I am bored of the same conversation, over and over and over and over again! This particular conversation (no thanks to me) did not prove any better. Oh well, what can you do.

I’m sure that I could have been a little more flirty. Okay, maybe I could have been somewhat flirty. I looked hot, I was totally polite and friendly, thanking him for his gentlemanly ways, etc. At the same time, I also felt like I had a little bit of a negative vibe going on. A vibe like, “hmmm, I’m not really interested but I’ll be polite because we are here.” So then, why….does he want to hang out with me again?? Sure I call him Mr. Boring but honestly, he could have said the same about me. I was not in any way my usually jolly and delightful self. Nope…I was miss boring pants! Oh well, I told him (because it’s apparently the right and acceptable thing to do) that I would love for him to call me again sometime. So, maybe next time we will both be less boring and I will by some miracle, suddenly become attracted to him! Yay, we are so getting married!! Well, that is if next Tuesday’s date doesn’t trump this one. He doesn’t drive…he rides his bike everywhere. So, I asked him if I could have a ride on his handle bars. But…I am getting ahead of myself and will save all of those details for next week. Can you believe it…I’ve just about made it to eleven?! October shmoctober!


Growing Up Skye said...

So he probably wants to see you again because you were so hot, he didn't even notice that you were boring!!!! Anyway, I don't think you should feel bad about taking a break from trying to fill your quota of men. I can understand how it would get frustrating doing the same thing over and over. It would be nice to actually move forward with someone. It will happen someday, I promise! In the meantime, don't forget how amazing and wonderful you are!

Livin it up said...

Thank you Tacy! And thanks for not giving up on me! You are a true friend!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how much the Mormon culture pushes and pushes it's young people to get married? I say to heck with that and enjoy life. If it is supposed to happen it will. But until then I suggest just living your life to the fullest.
Hell if it's such a chore to fall in love then you aren't going to enjoy it if it comes knocking at your door anyway.
Lighten up and enjoy the journey sista.

Livin it up said...

Yeah, they do but I understand why. It's something that I really want...I'm just tired of trying for nothing. I think that I have put more stress on myself over it than anyone else and I'm just a little burnt out! I agree'll happen when it happens and in the mean time, I'm just going to have fun and live life and not worry about!! Thanks for the advice! :)