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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Still a Work in Progress

Does it seem like every time you check in with me my goals are about the same? Yeah, I constantly have some of these bigger issues on my mind. I’ve actually made progress on some of them though and wanted to share that with you and give you some ideas that have helped me along the way!

 First of all, I have lately become obsessed with money! That doesn’t mean I have a ton of it; it just means that I am putting a lot of my energy into getting some so that I can get out of debt! Since making this goal I have paid off my undergrad and a mortgage settlement on a house I used to own, as well as a few small credit cards. Besides that, I have a small emergency fund saved up in the bank and am saving a little on top of that for moving in the next few months. I’ve tried to find a good balance of making as much extra money as I can to throw at debt and save up, and having fun with life as well! Now I just have a car loan and master’s degree to pay off! Feels pretty good!

 One huge motivator for me is Dave Ramsey. I have started his book, “Total Money Makeover,” and listen to his radio show as often as I can. The cool thing is that you can stream his show from his website any time of the day and it just repeats all day so you can listen any time you want! He also sometimes gives away money on his site so it’s a great place to hang out! Not that I have ever won…but the hopes of winning are great!

 There is another guy that I like to listen to (I have really taken up talk radio over the last year or so) on Saturdays if I’m out driving. He is a local Utah guy but can be heard all over the country I believe. His name is Doug Andrew. He does several workshops and retreats around the country as well as some online classes. I actually participated in an online webinar with him recently. Great info about planning for retirement! Seriously…mind blowing. While he talks about that he also focuses on living an abundant and well rounded life. I am feeling the pressure of planning for my future now as a single woman. I’m not saying that’s what I want but I realize that I need to be prepared for whatever comes my way and I can’t wait any longer to make a better plan for such things! He has given me great direction for this.

 Okay, one more guy I want to tell you about. He is not necessarily a money guy but he is more of a positive thinking coach. Kirk Duncan is his name. His wife also works closely with him. I went to a free class of his recently and quite enjoyed it! I am attending two other free bonus classes toward the end of the month so I will include the links here to those here if you would like to join me. If the link doesn't work, just check out their Facebook page: 3 Key Elements. The Friday night class would be great for anyone! He talks about getting your kids to do chores so if you are a parent, you may want to think about attending! Being a teacher I think it will be great as well. I think the main focus is also on running a business and making the most you can from it so it should be good. I love taking advantage of these learning opportunities! There is a lot of knowledge out there to be shared with us! And that knowledge brings health, wealth, and happiness!

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