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Monday, July 16, 2012

Points for Him…And a Few for Me

Relax. That’s what I have to tell myself daily at this point. Why? Well, I’ve reached that point in the relationship where I start to analyze way too much and pretty much freak out over what we are or are not. But guess what….it doesn’t matter! Things are going well with Mr. Man for what they are and that’s all that matters. Last time, with the other pilot, I listened way too much to people around me. It turns out that other people actually do a lot more analyzing than I do and well, I’m a girl so that doesn’t help me out at all. It made me think way too much and ultimately ruin the relationship. At this point I am happy because I have no interest in him anymore at all and I am really grateful for the new pilot but I am determined not to over analyze this time around and to just let things be! And they are good!

So, it’s been over a week since I’ve seen the man in person and I am kind of dying a little inside but I am really grateful for the phone calls we have every few days or so. Last Thursday we both went to McDonalds for dinner and ordered the same thing. Cute huh! And yeah, I know, McDonalds is kinda gross. Still, it made me all happy inside as McDonalds should! Last night we talked for an hour and a half. He was driving home from the beach and I was sitting at home on my computer. He told me exactly where he was so I could look it up on Google Maps. And then I followed him home while he updated me every so often on where he was. I followed him all the way to his house. It was so cute! And fun. :)

We talked about a lot of things…we laughed…we cried…we planned. Haha…okay, we didn’t really cry but he did tell me that if I die he will be really mad. I guess that that’s a good sign…that at least he doesn’t he hate me enough to wish death upon me right? He wants me to live, whew! He also wants me to raise his puppy. That’s pretty close to kids! Okay, for some people anyway. We talked about how we know the things that the other person likes, as far as things we want. He laughed because he wants trees and puppies and I want guns and knives! We make a good pair! But he knows what kind of gun I want and I know what kind of tree and what kind of puppy he likes. He is impressed with my memory and my ability to pay attention and take note of these types of things…and I do!

As for the points well, those things certainly earned both of us points but it was later on in the conversation where I felt like he earned a good sum. You see, I have this super cute dress that I won on my friend’s coolest blog ever and I wore it to church yesterday. I always get compliments on it. When the man was here in town we shopped at City Creek and we looked at a lot of things that were orange. It is a common favorite between us. We saw a cute orange dress and I told him about the one that I have.

 He pretended not to believe me that I had one so yesterday I sent him a pic of me in my super cute dress from Shabby Apple. He liked it! We talked about it last night and I was telling him about how it was from Shabby Apple and he was like, “oh I love Shabby Apple! I bought my ex-girlfriend a dress from there…” So, points for him for knowing what that was, and for liking it and buying one for his girl at the time because they are kind of expensive! And points for me for having a super cute dress from there. Thanks Mariel! It was a good night. It left me smiling!

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