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Friday, July 20, 2012

Party Animal # 36

In my efforts to stay independent and not ruin my budding relationship as a result of too much dependency, I recently spent a Friday night out party hoping on the town. I had several invites that night so a friend and I decided to make a night of it and see how many we could crash. By the time we drove down to Utah Valley and back up to Salt Lake however, we only made it to two. The second one of these awesome parties happened to me a house concert with several people in attendance not too far from my age. 

Upon my arrival at Party #2 I noticed that the place was packed! With my friends who accompanied me, I set out to find a spot on the crowed floor just below the performance area. Between acts we snuck in and ended up near the friend who had initially invited me. Soon after, a very good looking man came in and was slightly put out that we had taken his spot. We quickly became friends however and realized that he was just a little sarcastic, that’s all. 

We laughed our way through the rest of the night and said goodbye when all was said and done. At one point in the night however, I was showing him some pictures on my phone that I had copied from Facebook. He wanted me to send him one particular one…so I did. The guy friend who came with me thought that that was a convenient way to get my number. I thought he was into my other friend. Either way, he didn’t mention anything about it so we parted and that was that.

Party night was a week ago. Today is another Friday. This morning Mr. Party Animal texted me. He gave his name and explained that we had met at last weekend’s party. I remembered him of course. Anyway, he said he met me and my friend Jordan and asked if he could have her number. That is not my friend’s name though. That is also not my name. Sooo…I said, “Jordan…or Lisa (alias name of course)…or did you mean someone else altogether?” He responded by saying, “I swear her name was Jordan. She was sitting next to you. She’s a school teacher and 32 I believe. Is her name Lisa? I feel dumb if it is. :-)” So I said, “Haha…I’m the 32 year old school teacher. :) My friend’s name is Lisa…the 24 year old that was there with her brother. Don’t feel dumb!” And then he replied, “Haha that’s hilarious. I’m sorry. Well, now you know I want to get your number and ask you out. :-) I assured him that there was nothing to worry about, we laughed a little, and then he said, “Yes, you look like a Jordan. :-) So I thought you seemed like a fun girl and, if you’re interested, I’d like to call and ask you out sometime…” I let him know that I would like that but that I am leaving for Europe on Tuesday and won’t be back for 3 ½ weeks. So, we finally ended up planning on something for tonight. 

He picked me up at my house right on time and we set out on our adventure. He was in shorts and a tee-shirt and flip flops. I looked pretty dang HOT if I say so myself but I felt slightly over dressed for him. I kind of hate it when guys wear shorts on a date. Anyway though, we headed downtown to the Pie Pizzaria because that’s what he was in the mood for. That didn’t bother me…it was delicious! We seemed to chat all the way there and through dinner just fine! It kept me busy and not focused on Mr. Man who I was not with. We got along fine though. He is a good looking, fairly cool guy. At the same time, I think we are quite different. There is just something about him that I’m not really into but I can’t necessarily put my finger on it. I just didn’t feel like we really clicked at all, ya know? 

After dinner we decided to head over to temple square where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra were performing in the Conference Center for the Pioneer Day celebration concert. I had been invited by another friend but skipped out because of a miss communication and because of my date. Sooo….I was REALLY excited that I still got to go see it! We were WAY under dressed of course, but we immediately got tickets upon our arrival and they weren’t too shabby of seats either. We were down in the Plaza (floor level). We arrived just in time to find seats, get comfy, and for the show to begin. 

The concert did not disappoint. It featured guest artist Katherine Jenkins from Wales and Dancing with the Stars. She’s got quite the voice! The whole performance was breathtaking as usual. As time wore on however, I began to miss my man. I wished it was him there with me. I realized for the millionth time this week, how much I am really starting to like him. But I will tell you about that shortly. 

After the concert, we quickly made our way back to his car where he was a gentleman and opened my door as he had all night. As we drove home, our conversation seemed to lack quite a bit more than it had earlier in the evening. I was just ready to be done. I tried and it was fine. He took me home, walked me up, gave me a hug, and left on his way. It was a good night. It really was. It was nice to be out doing something. I just don’t see us together and that is okay. 

As for a quick update on Mr. Man well….he is coming back to town!! Yes, he arrives on Sunday. I am ridiculously excited! Thank you to everyone who prayed for him…you know who you are!! Still, I must say that I am a little/lot sad! First, let me tell you why he is coming. Last Sunday I prayed extra hard for him. I prayed that his superiors at work would make a decision regarding his further training and that they would send him back here. I’ve also prayed all week that I would get to see him before I left on my trip. Well my friends, prayers ARE answered!! I do get to see him before I leave on my looooong trip. The sad part however, is that he will be here training for probably close to a month. I will be in Europe for most of that month. He will probably be done before I return. So, there is all this time wasted that I could have been with him but it just didn’t work out that way. I know that there is some reason….I don’t know what it is….but there is some reason it worked out this way. I’m grateful for the small moment I have with him before I go.

It’s been a great week! I’ve talked to Mr. Man almost every day and every day he has been delightful to talk to! I enjoy our conversations in many ways. We talk about the world and what is happening in it and I like that. We also laugh and are silly and I love that! The other day I was telling him about a taco that my friend had ordered the night before and I said that it was really good looking. He said, “you’re really good looking!” He is so cute that way…I love it! So, I may not be updating for awhile. I will be in London, Paris, Austria, and Budapest. Wish me luck and pray for my safety if you don’t mind. And let’s all pray that things work out positively with Mr. Man because I really think he is a keeper!! I hope so anyway…

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Growing Up Skye said...

I can't believe you're almost leaving already! I'm glad you'll get to see Mr. Man one last time, though! I hope you have a great time in Europe (I'm so jealous!) and I hope things have a happy ending with your man, too! He does sound like a keeper!