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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Fling

Hiking is one of my favorite activities. Last week was my spring break and it was a delightful one at that. During one of my long days off, I set out for the mountains to check the current status of my favorite trails. It was a beautiful spring day filled with warm sunshine, new life, and singing birds. The trail I chose that day was perfect, unburied from its winter hibernation and ready for some new tread. As I began my steep ascent, it was then that I wondered why hiking was such a favorite past time of mine. It was HARD! The climb is always tough and leaves me quickly out of breath, sweating, and feeling rather weak and insignificant. Of course the first hike of the season is always the toughest. Still, I couldn’t help but wonder a little bit where my joy and longing came from for this sport. Then I took in a huge breath of fresh mountain air, looked up at my indescribably beautiful surroundings, felt the warm sun, and remembered. It was these that I loved. I kept going. Each step brought me closer to my desired destination that would be a truly worthwhile reward. 

As I continued along, I caught my rhythm and seemed to warm up a little into it. There were times that were harder than others. Still, I pressed on. Finally, I reached the overlook that I sought and I smiled. I found a place where no one else would be but that contained such a magnificent view of the peak across the canyon, as well as the beautiful valley I had left behind. Ahhh, it was breathtaking and honestly healing to my soul. That’s how I feel about the mountains. I felt like a better person for completing the climb….like I can conquer anything. And I felt safe and renewed at the top.

As I sat and pondered my life, I realized that often times, my dating has felt very similar to a difficult climb up steep terrain. Often I am looking down and wondering what I am doing and where I am going. The journey really does seem HARD for me! Sometimes however, things go well. I get a glimpse of what may lie ahead at the peak of my journey. And I smile. It is those moments that keep me putting one foot in front of the other, working toward that amazing view and seemingly endless bounty of blessings. I know it will come. I know that when I reach the summit, I will be even more grateful for it after my hard work getting there. I will feel like I can conquer the world! 

With that, my current dating life continues to fall into this pattern. On another beautiful spring day during my break, I spent a long blessed day with Mr. Manly. His parents were to return home from their mission the next day. Now, just as an update, we have continued to talk almost every day, have enjoyed many outings together, and seem to continue to plan for other such future outings. The week before my break however, he had a small accident on his mountain bike, leaving incredibly bruised ribs, among various other injuries. He has not been in great shape since. As a result, I offered to help him get the house ready for his parents to come home. He was very grateful for the suggestions so I set out for his place one gorgeous morning last week.

Once I arrived at his house, we immediately set out to the task at hand: yard work. They have a huge and very beautiful yard! We worked and talked for hours. Lately he has been talking to me a lot about the future and what he wants to do, etc. I appreciate that he feels like he can talk to me about that and seems to want my opinion. We talked about general conference (a big semi-annual meeting our church holds) and some of the talks we enjoyed. We also talked about some other church related subjects, as well as fun ones. We went to lunch, Office Max, and Office Depot, then headed back to his house for a little more work. One of the neighbors stuck her head out the window to talk to him for a minute and she introduced herself to me as well. She was friendly. Later, when we finished all we could do, we went inside to rest and get ready for the rest of the night which we had planned on spending together. So, I went out to my car to get clothes to change into and as I was walking out, there were a bunch people in the neighbor’s driveway. They were super friendly to me and this older lady asked me my name and said, “I’m grandma. I just want to see who this girl is that Mr. Manly has over. I have to see if she is pretty enough.” I laughed and we all chatted for a bit and then Mr. Manly came out of the house. The grandma said, “I just had to see if this girl is pretty enough for you. Grandma approves!” How cute right? It was fun. 

I changed while he showered. I had a little extra time so I decided to play his piano while I waited. Then he came up and I played a little more, we talked, and then we headed to dinner. While there, we ended up sitting at this table (I had chosen) that was right next to another older-ish couple from his ward. They were also very friendly and somewhat curious about me. We talked for a few minutes and then they left. Mr. Manly and I had more great and meaningful conversation and then eventually headed back to his house. He burned a couple more cd’s for me, we watched some videos, and then some of our favorite t.v.

Finally, after being there for over 14 ½ hours, it was time to go. Even after all that time I didn’t necessarily want to go. I knew it would be awhile before I saw him again with his crazy work schedule and family coming from out of town this month. So I reluctantly said goodbye. He asked me twice to text him when I got home. I ended up calling on my way. He said he wasn’t going to go to bed until he had gotten my text that I gotten home safely anyway so it was good. And that is sweet! 

So, things with him are great. We talked a little about us. We agreed that we both like each other and enjoy spending time together and that we have a lot of fun. We are not quite ready for a relationship though. I feel good about things as they are. I appreciate a man who takes the time to get to know me and that is kind, affectionate, gentlemanly, and who possesses many other great qualities! Things will work out however they are supposed to and for now…I’m keeping my options open and am planning many great and fun things in my future! Life is good!!

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Krissa said...

YAY!!!! Thanks for the update!!!! Sounds wonderful and I LOVE your description of is so true... I however thing right now I am kinda down in the dumps about it... maybe i should look up at the beauty around me and not the rocks beneath my feet because ugh i am having a hard time!
So glad for the update and what cute neighbors... yay... i hope things continue to go well... all that matters is you feel good about it... keep on goin with it :)