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Friday, February 25, 2011

Life is an Adventure

I’m alive! Very alive in fact! One good thing about me being rejected by boys is the push it gives me to live life and love it for myself. It causes reflection about where I’m at and where I want to be. So, the last several weeks for me have been all about how I can make my life fun right now for ME. Also, the good thing about being interested in many different boys is that it opens your eyes to different types of activities that you may not have been interested in before. I am always looking to be more involved with life and what other people are doing. It has led me to many new interests of my own and is helpful in social situations so that I don’t always have to be the one who “hasn’t done that” before. Okay, that usually is me, but I’m fixing that.

I have had some great adventures since last time we caught up. This last Monday, President’s day, I went snow shoeing for the first time ever. Wow, it was amazing! The snow was freshly fallen and the world up there was absolutely beautiful! It was so healing for me to be back in my mountains again. I’ve missed them. I always dread winter and curse it for its’ never ending length because I get that itching to be in the mountains hiking. Well, I think I’ve found my solution. Lately I’ve decided to embrace winter and enjoy it while it’s here. So, snow shoeing came up first on the list. It’s a lot like hiking, only WAY more exhausting! I love getting a good workout that way though, and enjoying the beauty that I am surrounded by as well! Also, it gave me a chance to hang out with a few of my guy friends, which is always fun. I like being able to hang out with guys and not worry about whether or not we are going to date because well, we are just friends and we know that’s all it will ever be. In fact, one of them was my #7 I think…which is actually #13’s brother but anyway, it was good to have it like old times with him again when we used to go do stuff, like hike.
(Look at this!!)

(The boys I was with)


The last few weeks have also found me back at the country dancing club! I hadn’t been in months since my friend went away but, I decided it was time to get back into it. I’ve been twice the last few weeks and had so much fun! Of course I’m super rusty but I’ve met lots of cute guys and had fun just trying to dance. I love it! It feels good to be out, to mingle, to feel young, and to do whatever I want to do.
(Random Internet picture but...sweat happens! haha)

In addition, I recently went to a show in a shady part of town where local musicians show off their stuff. I think it was #4 that was playing there so I took another guy with me (just a friend) and we checked it out. It was super ghetto but that’s half of what made it so cool. Number four was awesome and the other bands…they were okay! I had a good time doing something different and ended up having a much needed great talk with the friend who agreed to be my wing man.

This week also took me ice skating. I decided that after years on solid ground, it was time to try my skills on the old ice again. At first I wondered what I had just paid for because I was pretty positive that once around the oval was enough for another several years on solid ground but…I persevered and after an hour of almost straight skating, I was getting pretty good. Sometimes people like to go ice skating, so I figured it was a good idea to brush up on my skills, or to find some to begin with, so that next time an ice skating party comes around I won’t look so silly out there.
(Me after a little practice. Jk!!)

As for my other adventures, I have many planned and some keep falling through due to weather, or other inconveniences. Hopefully tonight’s fun adventures will be a go one way or the other. I’m also hoping to learn how to snow board tomorrow, depending on the weather. We wanted to go last week but, it was raining. So, maybe before winter is over I will get out there at least once. Either way, next winter I will be much more prepared for fun, and maybe it won’t seem so long and horrible!


Mariel said...

Good work! Come read the start of my blog post today :)

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Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited!!!! :)