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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

These are A Few of My Favorite Things

So, who is this 31 year old single female that likes to date and blog about it you ask? Well, I’ve told you a lot about the things I do and learn and about the people I meet, but what about me? In the summer concert for the youth orchestra I conduct, we decided to theme our music around movies this year. One piece we played was a medley from “The Sound of Music.” Ahh, I love that movie! And that music! As the words to the songs replayed through my head for days and days, I got to thinking about how much I like it when my friends blog about their favorite things. Also, I’ve been really thinking about some of my own favorite treasures lately so I thought that a post about me wouldn’t hurt eh?

Well, what do 31 year old single women like…besides men? Probably the same things you like! Okay, here goes. To begin with, a girl’s always gotta be on her game right? I mean, you never know when Mr. Right is just gonna pop up before you. As a result, it helps to have good breath...just in case. ;)

I recently purchased the “OraBrush,” “As Seen on Youtube!” from my local Walmart. Haha. I thought I would try it out and you know what? It has quickly become one of my most favorite possessions…a definite must have! Who knew that even after brushing your tongue with a toothbrush, all that nastiness was still on there?? Try it. You will never go a day without using it again!

Okay next. I LOVE to hike! I love my hiking gear. Not only do I feel all pro, but it has also been beneficial in aiding my hike as far as comfort, safety, and endurance are concerned. So, a good backpack filled with essentials for anything that could possibly go wrong is also a must have, along with some good shoes. But, I am not here to talk to you about either of those things today. Nope.

I recently purchased a new…GPS watch! It is the Garmin Forerunner 110 and I LOVE it!! If you are into exercise at all, it is fabulous!! It has great reviews and many functions. I love the heart rate monitor that also calculates calories burned. In addition it informs you of your distance, pace, time, etc. Really, it’s been so fun to have as I hike or run (I’m kind of into running lately too…just ran my first 5k on Saturday!!).

Along the healthy lines, but much cheaper…has anyone tried out the True Delights?? Wow!! The Blackberry Pomegranate is definitely a fav amongst my people. Sure they look like little rice cakes which may not sound appealing but I’m telling you, they are truly delightful! Haha. I convinced a guy friend to give ‘em a try and he was hooked from the first lick! Great snack, low calories! It gives you crunch; it gives you sweet; it gives you a happy belly!

You know that I am a music lover. It’s who I am. I also like free things. So, while the iphone4 I recently purchased was not so free, I do love the free apps. My favorite so far, is Pandora!! I always love to find new artists and have had a hard time in the past finding people who may not be as well known but have a similar sound to those I like. Ahhh, Pandora is the place! Check it out. It’s the best!!

Now, back to food…a true love of mine! One of my favorite places to stop on my breaks from work, is Great Harvest! I love their hot chocolate! But really, sometimes I just go get hot chocolate because you get a free slice of fresh bread with every purchase! I’m not talking about a sissy slice either! These are big manly pieces of heaven! Honey whole wheat is my fav…with a nice cup of hot chocolate and whole milk! Hmm, delightful! If you have one nearby, stop in…even if it is a hot day! It’s the middle of July and I had some today! We had been parted for far too long and I forgot how much I cared until I stopped by today.

Well, that’s just a few of the things I like and take daily pleasure in. Life if good and it’s even better with some good material things that brighten your day and make things easier or more pleasurable. Speaking of which, I have expressed before my love of reading. I am currently reading, “Peace Like a River.”

So far it is absolutely fantastic!! I am about halfway and would be happy to recommend it if you need an addition to your summer reading list. Thanks for stopping by! Please share some of your favorites in the comments section. What am I missing out on??

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Growing Up Skye said...

What a fun post! I like hiking, too, but unfortunately, the baby in my uterus is hanging out right on top of my bladder (literally kicking it at times every day) making it difficult to spend more than ten minutes away from a bathroom. Last winter I told Lance that one of the things I wanted to do this summer was go on tons of hikes with you. I really was planning on it, but this pregnancy has been so difficult. I definitely wasn't prepared for it. But I'm glad you are still hiking a lot. It inspires me to be prepared to do it again myself next summer when I no longer have a baby in my tummy!