People often refer to older single's as 'leftovers.' Well, I am no leftover, nor do I deserve to settle for someone that is.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bringin Back the Vibe!

Last year I wrote a post about “the vibe.” Basically, it means that sometimes you give off a certain something that attracts men to you and they pay attention to you and want to date you.

For example, my 14 year old niece has always got this so-called vibe going on. Anywhere she goes she can find a guy her age and not only find him and talk to him, she can get him to do just about anything for her. She gets numbers, hugs, and I don’t know what else, left and right. She knows she’s got it. That’s part of having it…knowing you’ve got it. It goes back to this whole idea of what you send into the universe, the universe in turn sends back to you. I’ve talked about this in other forms as well. We are the creators of our existence and what we believe we will receive, we do indeed receive.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this concept again lately. First of all, I’ve decided to do some energy work with a guy near here. It’s been pretty awesome so far. He speaks often of this truth. I also go to his free weekly Tai Chi classes which teach me invaluable lessons in balancing life and my own energy and emotions. It’s been an interesting and rewarding journey so far. I say if there are people out there with certain knowledge and things to offer others, take advantage of them wherever you can. I mean, in a good way. Use the people that are there to help you. This is how we all learn from each other and grow. But anyway, as a result of these classes and sessions, I have been considering further, how I react to each situation, and just what exactly I am sending out into the universe.

With that in mind, it’s been hard to be positive amidst so many changes in my life but even so, I’m doing my best. Many things are changing. Among those is my church congregation. I am too old for the young single adult wards and it has been time to move on for quite awhile. So, I finally decided to take the plunge (well, that and I got kicked out). I’m now attending a mid-single’s ward which I know I have spoken harshly about in the past. But, yesterday as I prepared to go, I told myself that the ward, and any other situation that I find myself in, is what I make it. I decided to make it great and get out there and meet new friends who are in a similar situation as me. It turned out alright too! The ward was HUGE and growing like crazy as there were several people all over the valley in my situation who were kicked out of the younger wards and now need a place to go. This was also incentive to go…in hopes that the normal level would rise.

Going into it, I told myself I was the best catch there. For one, I’m one of the youngest attending (men love younger women, right??). I dressed my best and knew going in that I looked pretty hot. I felt confident too. I tried not to judge others harshly but subtly looked around for my new friends. I knew that though I may not find them right away, it is a huge ward and persistence will eventually prevail and I will soon be entertaining new social circles in abundance. I felt positive the whole time I was there and I could tell it made a difference.

I met several people (I don’t know if I will see them again but they were cool, normal, and nice). I talked to a few, including a young man who turned 31 only two months after me, for quite some time while I waited for my entrance interview with the bishopric. Yes, it was quite the process of orientation and such with the mass growth that is suddenly upon them but, it was kind of fun to be a part of at the same time. I didn’t make it to all of my meetings because of the orientation, picture taking, and entrance interview, etc. but in a couple of weeks I will find my classes and begin to adjust I’m sure. Tonight I am going to my first activity there so wish me luck on finding some like minded, fun people to mingle with!

Since it’s been awhile since I have written, I must also fill you in on my other recent adventures and vibe-strong moments. After my previous negativity (which I never try to let last too incredibly long as I’m sure you’ve noticed…I mean, my quitting and everything) I once again found strength to move on and keep trekking…putting one foot in front of the other. Otherwise, I would just be standing still, never reaching my desired destination, right? Anyway, I decided to once again take a chance on things, and let others set me up if they wanted to. All of a sudden there were maybe three or four possibilities of set ups. Nothing has come of them but still, it was just the fact that they suddenly began to appear once again that said something.

The real turning point for me, before these set up possibilities began to come about, was when I decided to take a chance once again. I received an email from the Utah Dating Coach in which she put in a plug for her friend, the Utah Matchmaker. It said it was free for women so I thought, what the heck, I will fill out the form and just see what happens. I did, and then she contacted me and wanted to meet with me. I met her…she was super awesome…and I found out more about what she does. Right now she is starting to do this on the side so it is small. That’s a good thing though, as she can more easily connect with her clients, get to know them, and recommend them more easily to possible matches. I have high hopes that some time, something good will come of this for me and I can actually get a set up that is well thought out. Sounds exciting, right? We will see.
(If nothing else, it'll at least leave you singing, right?)

Okay finally, I have been singing in a choir since January and it finally culminated in a concert this last weekend in the Tabernacle. Ahhh, it was FABULOUS! I am really going to miss rehearsals but what can you do, it’s over until next year?! It was a women’s choir but it is connected with a men’s choir conducted by the same woman as mine. Our rehearsals have been right after each other each Sunday evening. We both performed Friday night. I have a couple of friends and family members who participated in the men’s choir. I was feeling pretty good about myself and the whole thing that day. A friend of a friend of a friend was there with my friends’ family who came to see them sing. Afterward we had some dessert at their house and hung out for awhile. Anyway, I had met this guy before but not really talked to him. Does that make sense? These people are like family to me so I’m around them a lot. Anyway, this guy was there and I hardly talked to him, if at all. The next morning however, I had a facebook invite from him. I laughed a little and accepted. THEN…he chatted with me yesterday, and today messaged me for my number. I think my vibe was on the other night and that’s why. I’m just saying…

As for this guy though, I am not interested. Heard that before? I know. But really, he is younger, not of the same faith, and just different from me as far as I can tell so far. Anyway though, I gave him my number and decided to be his friend and see what happens. Mostly because it makes me feel good about myself thus continuing the vibe cycle so that hopefully, I will attract more men…men that I will be interested in.


Growing Up Skye said...

I'm glad going to your new ward turned out to be a good experience so far. I hope it just gets better! And hurrah for the good attitude! You rock!

Livin it up said...

:) Thanks! Guess what, after much persistence and dedication, I think I met my new friends at FHE on Monday! There were a couple of really cool girls that I had briefly met on Sunday. I got their numbers so we can hang out. I also talked to a lot of guys so it was quite successful, even though from the looks of things when I first walked in, I was pretty unsure it would be. :)